How long is the program?

Fall tutoring runs from September 20th - November 19th (8 weeks). Scheduled Break: October 18th- October 22nd.

What do you get?

Free diagnostic test Small group instruction Online math and reading program Progress reports An individualized plan based on your child’s needs Small task to complete at home

Tutoring Sessions

  1. K-8th
    1. (2)1 hour sessions a week
    2. Small groups (2-3 students)

Registration Fee

The Registration fee is $75 All registration fees are non-refundable!


  1. Price - $260/mo
  2. All payments are made through an invoice sent to your email 1 week before the due date.
  3. Invoice due dates
    1. September 10th
    2. October 15th
  4. Failure to pay on time will result in your child being removed from the program.

Attendance Policy

1. Attendance is essential and necessary to see maximum results. Children are allowed to have up to 2 absences. There are no refunds on any missed sessions. However, students can make up to two missed sessions at the end of the program. There will be a makeup week for students to get their sessions in. Any student that misses more than two sessions/days will be removed from the program. If there is a possibility that your child may miss more than two sessions, please consider signing them up for a different semester. Spaces are minimal, and we would like to fill them with students that can attend every session. 2. Also, all tutors work as full-time educators, therefore we may have to cancel or reschedule appointments (very rarely) due to meetings for work. If this happens, student sessions will be made up within a week OR missed sessions will be moved to makeup week.However, we will do our best to notify you ahead of time to avoid the inconvenience.

Cancellation Policy

1. Any no call no shows will automatically remove your child from the program 2. If you need to cancel your child’s appointment, please call or text your child’s tutor as soon as possible. All cancellations will count towards the two absence attendance policy. FMNT will not refund money for any missed session! However, students will be able to make up at least two absences at the end of the program.


All materials will be provided for each child!

Contact Information

Email (best): info@fmntutoring.com Phone: (937) 853-8333

New to Fail Me Not?

Please use the link below to schedule a free 15 minute consultation.

Multiple Children?

Are you looking to enroll more than one child into tutoring? If yes, a registration form must be filled out for each child that you enroll. * The following discounts will be applied to your monthly invoices. 2 students = 10% discount on all invoices 3-4 students = 15% discount on all invoices